This Is Not A Bookstore - A Profile of Avi Gitler

Avi Gitler is the owner of Gitler &___. The gallery is located in upper Manhattan on 150th and

NYC As Time Goes By

Recorded with iphone SE Music: Agnes Obel - Tokka

2017 REEL

A collection of clips that I’ve shot and edited within the past year as it consists of short

Phantom Memory

"It is far harder to kill a phantom than a reality." - Virginia Woolf This video was created using

Be you

-The more you travel, the more you realize there’s so much more to this gift of life we have

Rudy's Hobby Shop

Marvin Cochran, owner of Rudy’s Hobby & Art in Astoria Queens, let's us have a glimpse at the

An Act of Worship

A unique portrait of CAIR - the Council on American Islamic Relation - in the first days of the

Sheepshead Design

Philip Sachs of Sheepshead Design explains the process of screen printing and talks about his

Droopbino X AYM - Don't Panic

Director/DP/Editor/Colorist: Kevin 'GK' Frederick


This is our 2017 NYC aerial reel. All clips are available in 6K on Filmsupply:

Melissa & David | Wedding Film | NYC

Love shot in NYC

views from rego park

this is rego park in queens, nyc. all shots were from an apartment window in the winter of 2016 and

We All Stumble

Already Alive partnered with the Robin Hood Foundation ( to create a film that

The Bridge 2017: Trimaran Macif - New-York ESTV

The Bridge 2017 is first and foremost the celebration of a unique centennial. To understand it, one


I spent a couple of days in New York and shot some videos on my iPhone. This is a short film, edited

Brother Omar Mateen

A Muslim, queer, Pashtun Pakistani immigrant and poet in the US talks about the Pulse Nightclub

Flowers by the waterfall.



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This is New York

"This is New York; the world's largest city. The heart of financial networks that circle the globe.

GHOST | Bruk Up Evolution

Bruk Up is a freeform, imaginative. improvisational dance style named after the famous Jamaican

Bronx - NYC - East River

Bronx - NYC - East River Phantom 4 \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Night Test 24fps 3600iso …