Soooo Munch Good: The Baking Bean's Sweet Manifesto

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Meet Clarice Lam, the chef & owner of The Baking Bean, a colorful & fun-loving, oven-to-door bakery

Meet Clarice Lam, the chef & owner of The Baking Bean, a colorful & fun-loving, oven-to-door bakery specializing in all natural custom cakes, pastries, cookies & confections based in New York City.

There's no denying Clarice will take you up on any invitation to play - especially in her kitchen. She has a child-like, giggly nature about her. Like that friend who always picks on you but laughs at herself too. It's charming and genuine. I think it's part of what keeps her customers coming back again and again. She is much like her treats: a little fancy, a little naughty, a little salty & very sweet.

But, don't let the playfulness fool you: when it comes to baking, Clarice is all business. Classically trained in Pastry Arts at The French Culinary Institute, Clarice refined her craft at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery in New York City before setting her sights on a solo career. In 2012, The Baking Bean came to life. Inspired by the flavors, and fond memories, of over a dozen international cities she's lived in, Clarice's creations are one of a kind. In every bite, you can experience a distinct story. Be it her Strawberry & Nutella Cookies inspired by her time eating crepes in Paris, or her Jasmine Milk Tea & Elderflower Bon Bons from her time growing up in Hong Kong. They have character and a point of view. Not your typical bakery menu. My personal favorite are her Rise & Shine Cookies, featured in the story, which incorporate everything good about breakfast into one perfect morsel. Now, almost 6 years later, everything is falling into place - even if she has to (kind of) begrudgingly make a few rainbow cakes here and there!

Thanks for watching Clarice's story! I highly recommend you hit her up to cater your next breakfast or dessert tray. Since everything comes fresh, never frozen,  give her 48 hours notice before you need anything.

Filmed & Directed by Liza deGuia (@SkeeterNYC)

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